Don't just take our word for it! See what are customers have to say...

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Don't just take our word for it! See what are customers have to say...

Golden Movers exceeded my expectations


by Cindy Alexander (Local Move) on Jun 30 2012

Besides the biggest relief of getting the move completed before the rains started I was very pleased with the professionalism of the crew. Each of the movers were very polite and friendly. Not once did I hear a negative comment or any cursing. The men seem to enjoy working as a team and everyone appeared to work as hard as the next. Oh, I also have a drapery workroom in my garage with a 12 foot table, heavy industrial sewing machines, 100's of bolts of fabric, displays, cabinets, and a mess of wood working tools. Not only did they help break it down but they set up the machines and table so that I can get my business up and running again. All in all, Golden Movers exceeded my expectations in getting this move completed so quickly.

Overall, I was pleased with the service


by Brent Stewart (Local Move in Tampa) on Jun 30 2012

Overall, I was pleased with the service. The price was about $1000 lower from the next competitor. The men were careful to pack our things well. They were pleasant, and they worked hard. I thought they did a nice job, and I'd use them again for a future move.

Overall it went very smoothly


by Ranjan Sharma (FL to TX) on May 30 2012

Overall it went very smoothly. Movers arrived on time (8:00AM) Sharp on saturday the 26th.- they unassembled my wardrobes, uninstalled the appliances and loaded up the truck by 4 PM.- They arrived on tuesday the 29th on my dallas home at 8:00 AM. Again on time.- there were only 3 people to unload and reassemble and it took them 8-10 hrs to unload.- my car's windshield were broken and the driver richard was very prompt in telling me as well arranging the compensation. They were ready to pay off the repair guy themself but since he could not make it the same day. They paid me in full instead (took of the invoice) right away.- They were not able to install my dryer and dishwasher but I was expecting that I was even surprised that these guys were willing to uninstall and install the appliances. Other moving companies told me I had to get appliances installers to do the job.- Beside the car windshield not a single scratch on any other item. Now the bad part because of which i did not give them A in quality. They did not install the second IKEA wardrobe correctly.- They did not assemble the breakfast table correctly. I don't blame the actual guys doing it. They were only 3 and they were tired by end of day and they had to move to another job in houston that night. I believe their scheduling office under estimated the unloading job. If there had been one more guy or if they had half an additional day where they were not so tired I do not believe these mistakes would have happened. These only happpened during the end of unloading process. And we were so tired our self that I also missed noticing it that day and we did not do any work that day. I can imagine how much tired those guys would have been at the end of the day.

They were outstanding. They are amazing.


by Dawn Vogler (Local Move) on May 30 2012

They were outstanding. They are amazing. I would recommend them 100%. They are reliable and professional. I can’t say enough about them, as they are just great. They did everything up to my expectation.

I was very pleased with the service and the price


by Ronald Weigel (FL to PA) on Apr 30 2012

Overall I was very pleased with the service and the price. Golden met our dates (and those dates shifted as we had to adjust around house sale closing)…Laura Prather was excellent in helping us through the process and answering our questions -- she is a real asset. The only suggestion for improvement would be for Golden to keep us a little more informed -- there were some mechanical issues on the transit north to PA... While it didn't affect our flexible schedule, I would have like to have heard about the slight delay from Golden directly.

Their price was the best


by Marvin Perez (FL to NJ) on Apr 30 2012

Remove my mom's antique furniture from her condo and move up north to New Jersey. On both occasions they wrap and move the furniture with a lot of care. Their price was the best that I got after a number of estimates. My brothers need to move other furniture and most likely will use Golden Movers.

The move went better than promised


by Robert Kemper (Local Move) on Mar 30 2012

I researched this company for my girlfriend's family when they were ready to move the parents into an assisted living facility. By all accounts the moving company were efficient and effective and the move went better than promised. She never told me how much they spent, but she did tell me with examples how impressed she was with the movers. She has many moves worth of experience under her belt from the years she spent in the military, so for a moving company to impress her they must really know what they're doing and do it well.

Everything was great


by Jessica Schneider (Local Move) on Dec 30 2011

Everything was great. They came out, and they gave me a quote and it was accurate. They gave me the proper amount of men because I lived in a building with an elevator. Everything was fast and efficient. They did my packing, and I had a good successful move. I would use them again in the future if I needed to.

We could not possibly be happier with our experience


by Richard Nicholas (FL to CO) on Nov 30 2011

We could not possibly be happier with our experience with Golden Movers. We moved the contents of a large home and two vehicles (a large SUV and an Aston Martin DB9) across the country from Tampa to our new home in Colorado. The guys at Golden Movers were incredible. Not one single item was damaged. We received a couple of estimates from reputable companies and Golden provided the best price. In fact, when you consider that they also moved 2 cars including an exotic car that none of the other moving companies would even consider moving they were much less expensive than any of the other movers. We wanted to pack up most of the small stuff for ourselves so that we could have a chance to decide what items we didn't want to take with us to Colorado. The day after we selected them for the move they dropped off everything we needed to pack up the house including, stacks of new flat boxes in different sizes, hundreds of sheets of padding paper and shipping tape. They even left instructions on how to pack and what items went into the different box types. Throughout the process they stayed in touch with us to see how we were doing with the packing and to make sure that we were on track with our moving date. I asked them about this and they told us that it's not unusual for closings to be delayed so they like to confirm the moving dates. We moved the Friday after Thanksgiving and they showed up on time with a small army of guys to pack up the remaining items we didn't get to and load the largest moving van I've ever seen. The crew did an amazing job wrapping the furniture in heavy padding and not one single item was damaged in any way. At the end of the day a special flat bed tow truck showed up to load the SUV and the DB9 into the moving van. I was a little worried about the car but it turned out that they had ordered a towing company that specialized in moving exotic cars. Everything went without a hitch. To my amazement they showed up precisely on time 3 days later in Colorado, The same gentlemen that loaded the truck were there in Colorado to unload the truck. They told us that they don't like to hire temporary labor to avoid problems with people they don't know. They also had a specialist tow company meet them to unload the cars. When it came time to pay the bill the amount was exactly what they quoted. Not one penny more. I highly recommend Golden Movers without hesitation. They are honest and dependable.

We have never had a better move


by Wes and Christine Wesselman (Tampa, GL to Illinois) on Oct 30 2011

Terry... Just a short note to say thank you a million times over. Spending 31 plus years in the military and moving 20 times previously, we can honestly say we have never had a better move... by far! From the packers to the movers... all were professional, courteous and polite. We've never had a more stress-free move... it was a pleasure working with you and all your employees. Additionally, Drew and Mitch were tremendous! We cannot say enough good things about them and the care they took loading and unloading our belongings. We will be needing your services again in about 9-12 months and will definitely ask for Drew and Mitch again.